Crafted To Perfection

Our exquisite rings and jewellery are forever timeless, always crafted to meet your desire. It’s in the finest details that perfection is achieved. 

Each jewel is crafted with the love and attention it deserves, unlocking the magnificence of its natural beauty and maximising the brilliance of every facet.

Brought to life by our master jewellers and master gemstone setters our pieces are made using a combination incorporating traditional and modern techniques; handcrafting, finishing, and setting, while others are created using a combination of CAD (computer-aided design) technology. All of our pieces are proudly crafted in our Australian workshop.

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“For me it’s not about making a sale, it’s about designing, crafting and presenting a piece of jewellery that you will adore. The expectation I have is that if I was gifted that same piece, I would be so proud to wear it myself. At Rock Proposals we take pride in sourcing and crafting exquisite pieces of jewellery.” – Karolina

Our unique five-point E method…

Although ‘C’ might be the better-known letter associated with diamonds, our five-point ‘E’ approach guarantees you a stress-free and elevated experience in selecting and designing your personal piece of jewellery. Whether you’re planning a breathtaking ring to propose, special diamond gift, or to design custom engagement rings or wedding bands together.

“The diamond engagement ring is a custom dating back to 1477 when Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with a diamond to seal their betrothal. This timeless tradition has never lost its magic.”

Nature’s Gift - Natural Diamonds

Every diamond goes through an incredible journey.

Billions of years ago, deep within the earth’s mantle and under extreme conditions, carbon atoms crystalised.

Through spectacular volcanic eruptions, nature then delivered these treasures to the earth’s surface. Now, we go to the ends of the world to find them and reveal their breathtaking beauty.

On its path to becoming an exquisite piece of jewellery, each diamond touches hundreds of expert hands. Each stage in the journey is vital in shaping the final piece. The diamond can then finally be worn, and often becomes a family heirloom, handed down through generations.

Natural diamonds are one of the oldest and rarest of nature’s treasures you can own. Formed through intense heat and pressure in the earth’s mantle between 720 million and 3.5 billion years ago, they are older than some of the stars in the sky. Nature only has a limited supply, inherently rare and precious with an enduring value, diamonds are an irreplaceable symbol to mark life’s most significant moments. Natural diamonds also confer other values. The natural diamond industry generates $16 billion in net socioeconomic and environmental benefits annually, 60% of which are retained locally and benefiting communities directly and indirectly.

We curate a recommendation of impeccable diamond options based on your unique preferences and budget from our private global network. We take sourcing seriously and work exclusively with vendors from countries that adhere to the mandated Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

Lab Diamonds - The next evolution

Laboratory made diamonds are created in an artificial controlled setting that mimics how diamonds are formed naturally below the Earth’s mantle. There are two methods used to create lab diamonds: CVD (chemical vapour deposition) and HPHT (high pressure high temperature). Both methods are effective in creating high-quality, synthetic diamonds, identical to those found in nature.

These diamonds have the same optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. The sparkle is the exact same. The only difference is their origin. For those who wish to embrace the next evolution of diamonds, one that has never been mined, we are happy to offer you this option, upon request. Rock Proposals can present clients with CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) created diamonds. CVD is a newer technology and the preferred process to produce genuine synthetic diamonds.

As you might expect, lab diamonds, or synthetic diamonds, are made within laboratories. These laboratories are highly specialised, operated by incredibly skilled scientists and engineers, using cutting-edge technology. These are located around the globe in countries like the USA, China, India and Israel.

Lab Diamonds | Wollongong & South Coast | Rock Proposals

Certificate of Authenticity

Upon purchase of your piece, you will be presented with a Certificate to certify your jewel’s authenticity.

All diamonds over .30ct come accompanied with industry accredited certificates along with an independent valuation report. Each jewel purchased comes with a Rock Proposals Guarantee, which warrants the jewel against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve months from the date of original purchase. Please consult the terms of the Rock Proposals Guarantee* for full details.

“For me it’s not about making a sale, it’s about designing, crafting and presenting a piece of jewellery that you will adore. The mindset and expectation I have is that if I was gifted that same piece, I would be proud to wear it myself. At Rock Proposals we take pride in sourcing and crafting exquisite pieces of jewellery”

The stone is the statement

Such is their antiquity, a diamond set in a ring can contain at its centre a dot of a jewel dating back 10 billion years. Colourless or colourful, they are beauty, power and light. The most brilliant of all gems, they have been associated with romance since early times.

The global contacts nurtured by Karolina open opportunities for an incredible array of stones, guaranteeing your diamond ring or gift is as unique as your love story.

The diamond of your dreams. Make this a reality today.

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