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Naturally curious, emotionally driven and deeply invested, Karolina’s lifelong passion for fine jewels and sparkling diamonds is now shared with clientele across the Illawarra and Sydney. Her boutique concierge service, provides a modern way of acquiring the perfect stone and crafting an exquisite jewel. A private, one-on-one service, unintimidating and transparent.

“In 2005 I saw an opportunity to help couples (in specific men looking to propose) turn their confusion into clarity by curating a selection of stones on their behalf, saving them the time and stress in selecting the ideal diamond or gemstone. Many of my friends were getting married at that time and I was so intrigued about the journey and how they bought their piece. I quickly came to realise that all they could tell me about their journey was how much they paid and how confusing it was”.

Many people have no idea where to start or what to look for and purely make a decision based on the diamond certificate alone, also known as “buying blind”. Contrary to what many people think, a grading report only provides basic gemmological information about a diamond’s properties. It doesn’t tell you the whole story. This is why we go well beyond the GIA certificate to ensure we are selecting the highest performing diamonds to present to you. We narrow down the options for you.

Providing an invaluable feminine perspective with a one-on-one level of involvement from concept to delivery, dedicated to delivering an incomparable level of service and ease.

Karolina has modernised the traditional jewellery store concept by offering her clients an elevated and personal buying experience. One you’ll treasure forever.

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A gift of hope

Karolina fully believes that the most special gifts are those that hold the most intimate and personal meanings. All her life, her mother, Roza, has been the rock and foundation for Karolina and her two siblings. Roza’s sacrifices have been endless, her empathy and compassion pure, her love and selflessness undeniable.

Siblings Karolina, Natali and Aleksander wanted to honour Roza with a small token of appreciation for her 60th birthday. Throughout their lives, Roza has always believed in ‘hope’. In ancient and mediaeval times, blue sapphires signified the height of celestial faith and hope, so it was only fitting that the design featured a blue sapphire.

With Karolina’s expertise and guidance, a dazzling 2.5ct cushion cut natural blue ceylon sapphire was sourced. The design, accented by two colouless trapezoid natural diamonds set in platinum. The 3 stone trilogy ring a representation of the three children.

Bound by luxury – A tailored service

The Wollongong based luxury diamond concierge service, was founded by Karolina.

Her path into the jewellery industry wasn’t so traditional. After completing her qualifications at the Gemmological House in Sydney and studying Diamond Grading and gradating with a Diploma in Diamond Technology to become a Diamond Technologist the former graphic designer transferred her creative skills and love of design to align with her love for diamonds and all things sparkly.

She has a keen eye for intricate details, lines, symmetry and balance and is proud to share her skills and time.

Clients benefit from her global network of trusted suppliers and extensive knowledge. Her jeweller father-in-law was one of the first jewellers to arrive in 1970s and teach pavé setting in Australia. After migrating from Italy, he operated many jewellery stores in Sydney’s South West. The now retired jeweller of more than 40 years shares his extensive knowledge with Karolina’s modern concierge service.

A personal connection and tailored service

Karolina offers clients an immersive educational experience, exceptional service and cost-effective access to the diamond industry. She will endeavour to find you the highest quality selection to complement your budget, eradicating the time and stress from the process and working alongside you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Every step in the journey is customised to suit individual needs. Clients can meet Karolina at her design studio, but more frequently choose the convenience of enjoying a visit to their home or place of work.

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