An Elevated Diamond Experience…

Your luxury diamond concierge service

Introducing Wollongong’s only luxury diamond concierge service, where we are proud to curate a private selection of diamonds and design exquisite engagement rings, wedding bands and everyday fine jewellery pieces. We support clients throughout Illawarra and Sydney, at our studio or, at your preference, our concierge service can travel to you.  

Passion, transparency, and impeccable service form the basis of everything we do at Rock Proposals.  

Each piece is crafted with the highest degree of quality, to superior standards using elite craftsmanship techniques, with the finest materials and diamonds sourced from ethical and traceable sources.

“I wanted to offer clients a higher level of attention, service and guidance, most importantly a feeling of a deeper connection and involvement for such a personal purchase. I invite you on this journey with me, an unprecedented private concierge service everyone should experience”.

Our streamlined process allows clients enjoy a luxury, boutique shopping experience that removes the stress and time out of your search.  


Hand selected exclusively for you

Karolina has taken what she has learnt during her Gemmological and Diamond Grading studies and further enhanced her expertise through experience and extensive research. Hand selected exclusively for you, Karolina searches for the most beautiful and unique diamonds, so you don’t have to.

Quality matters. She has built a strong network of trusted and ethically responsible suppliers. You can trust you’re getting the highest quality diamond because we invest in GIA & GCAL x8 certified centre stones – the foremost diamond grading authorities in the world. We go to great lengths to maximise beauty and value, and uphold ethics, sustainability and traceability.

Work one-on-one with Karolina, your diamond concierge, and benefit from her commitment and dedication to provide you with an exceptional, transparent and educational service. Karolina provides an invaluable feminine perspective when curating, designing and crafting your exquisite piece of jewellery.

“For me it’s not about making a sale, it’s about designing, crafting and presenting a piece of jewellery that you will adore. The mindset and expectation I have is that if I was gifted that same piece, I would be proud to wear it myself. At Rock Proposals we take pride in sourcing and crafting exquisite pieces of jewellery”

A personal connection and tailored service

Karolina offers clients an immersive educational experience, exceptional service, and cost-effective access to the diamond industry. She will endeavour to find you the highest quality selection to complement your budget, eliminating the time and stress from the process and working alongside you to create memories that will last a lifetime.